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Mizuguchi Implant Center

Implant and surgery specialists utilizing Japanese dental standards



International dental care in the hearth of Saigon

The Mizuguchi Implant Center Vietnam was founded in 2019 by Professor Toshiyuki Mizuguchi after he was invited to Vietnam to train and share his academic research on specialized implant techniques. Dr. Mizuguchi and his team of doctors execute extensive procedures and treatments, such as full-jaw implants, long-term tooth loss, and post-treatment complications caused by poor quality treatment and workmanship. In addition, we're a go-to for complicated dental treatment requiring advanced industrial equipment and technology, with our team of Japanese surgeons and Professor Mizuguchi himself.

Since its establishment in 2007, the Mizuguchi Implant Center has become one of Vietnam's most trusted dental clinics for the Vietnamese-Japanese community as well as for international visitors and tourists.


We always think of integrating and developing Implant expertise and dental academics.

Wishing to devote myself to the industry, to scientific improvement research, and to benefit the community.